The Abridged History wins the MICE Mini-Grant

I recently finished my new book “The Abridged History of a Moon” just in time for this year’s MICE which is taking place this Saturday 9/28-9/29. Not only will be the book be debuting at MICE but I’m psyched to announce that it won the 2013 MICE mini-grant!!
I’m really proud of the book and honored that it was chosen! A huge thanks to everyone at MICE!!
It was originally my submission for the ComicsWorkbook Competition Composition Competition and you can see it in it’s entirety HERE

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Illustrations for Narratively

I was recently approached by Narratively to do three illustrations based on an article about egg donation. Being a man egg donation isn’t something that I have a whole lot of insight on but it was a well written article so I had a lot to work with.
The article was about a baby-averse young woman donating her eggs in order to fulfill her own dreams while in turn helping someone else realize their dream of having a baby.
To give you an idea of my process here are the three sketches I provided to the art director..

The only major change that needed to be made was to replace the egg in the third illustration with a test tube. In hindsight the egg was kind of ambiguous and definitely didn’t read as well as a test tube would. Here are the final illustrations…

It was definitely a fun project. To read the article and see it with the illustrations check it out on Narratively HERE

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Experimenting with digital media and the moon

So I usually do the watercolor thing.
I suppose you probably already knew that, but just in case you didn’t, that’s usually how I roll.
Yet as of late it’s come to my intention that the future is upon us. Despite the lack of flying cars and Marty McFlys I figured it’s about time to become more familiar with that which bleeps and bloops.
For years I shied away from the computer. I don’t know why. Fear of technology maybe? Fear of change perhaps?
Did you ever see that movie with Sandra Bullock, “The Net”? What if that happened?
I don’t actually know what happened, but one can only imagine. So I put my fears aside and started experimenting. It was fun!
I had just recently found out about the ComicsWorkbook Composition Competition. It’s a contest for comic creators to make a 16 page signature story (14 pages plus 2 covers) and I figured why not experiment and do the whole thing digitally…

I really liked being able to go straight from a scanned pencil sketch right into the final. I found working this way to be way less time consuming than traditional media. I enjoyed playing around with layers to create shadow as well as lighting.

The story is about the ocean, and dogs, and the end of the world. It’s about love and secret crushes and last chances.

I’ve posted the comic in it’s entirety over in my Tumblr here….

I should have physical copies in time For MICE September 28 and 29th in Boston.
All in all good experiment. I will always use watercolor. The feel of brush on paper is just too soothing to give up. Watercolor just makes a lot of sense to me. It’s a tool I’m extremely comfortable with and love so much. That being said Photoshop is another interesting tool. I see a lot of possibilities with it. There will definitely be more experimenting with it in the future.

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New York Stories

There is a story on every street, block and borough in New York City.
It sounds like a cliché, I know, but it’s true.
When I was little my family traveled to New York. I searched for King Kong atop the Empire State Building and my grandmother yelled at a pretzel vendor for charging too much.
Sure, my New York stories aren’t that great, but there are good ones out there. Which is what the Travelogues are for.

I’ve worked with Gina from Vessel Collective before. A couple of years ago I did two pieces for her Say Anything Project…

So when she asked me to do a poster for the Travelogues: New York Stories I couldn’t resist..

The Travelogues are a lecture series with travel stories from all over the world. The New York Stories are all about New York.

Travelogues-New York Stories
Fri. July 12th(Schedule change from 7/5)
*New-York-themed Travelogue (bring your own brief story to share with our audience in between speakers)
Meredith Watt – Experiences living and working in New York while watching her neighborhood become gentrified
Gina Moccio – Stories of the successes and failures of an attempt to move to New York
Ellen Brown – Living in New York’s Upper East Side and working on Wall Street in 1956
at Cafe Hey, 7-9 PM

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Here is a Heart

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His Name is Jonah

I must warn you that this blog post might kick your ass.
So beware…

Jonah. Jonah. Jonah. Say it three times in front of a mirror and a fist might shoot out and knock your block off. Some friends of mine are making a documentary called My Name is Jonah and it profiles Jonah; a self proclaimed real life warrior and his bizarre life and shenanigans. Check out the trailer here..

This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and for the third year in a row there’s been a My Name is Jonah FCBD digital download comic book featuring a slew of talented artists doing their take on Jonah.
I’ve personally done eight Jonah strips and they’re always so much fun to do. I did the first one based around the model for Greg Fiering’s Migraine Boy. It just seemed like the perfect format to show Jonah kicking some butt, and a good way to insert some humor as well.
One of my first introductions to independent/alternative comics was through “Don’t Shoot it’s Only Comics” an anthology produced regularly, and given away free in Boston. It featured some early work by greats like James Kochalka, Ron Rege, and of course Greg Fiering’s Migraine Boy. The comics were hilarious, and still crack me up to this day. If you’ve never seen Migrain Boy I HIGHLY recommend it!!
So since then I’ve done eight Jonah comics, and have stuck with the Migraine Boy model…

So now that you’ve seen my Jonah strips go back and check out the past three years of Jonah FCBD madness HERE. All three issues are available as free downloads.

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Boston ComicCon

It’s that time of year again; the snow has melted, the trees are blossoming, and seemingly ordinary people are dressing up like superheroes and gathering.
This Saturday and Sunday (4/20,4/21) I’ll be back at Boston ComicCon tabling alongside the always amazing Logan Faerber.
I’ll have a bunch of new stuff for sale. Most importantly the long awaited print version of my graphic novel “What Am I Going to Do Without You?” (which is still available digitally through Top Shelf Productions HERE.) They came out awesome! I only have a limited quantity so they’re only available while supplies last. They’ll be made available for online purchases in the not too distant future.

In addition to that I’ll have all of my other books as well as a bunch of prints including my new Hellboy piece. I just finished it up for Rejected by Covered blog which since the Covered blog shut down makes it the big show now. You can check out my Hellboy as well as a bunch of other awesome covered comic covers HERE.

The TV ads starting airing a few weeks back and three of my pieces are in it. The commercial was made by Phil, JB, and Adam ( but not Jon, he had nothing to do with it)

So if you’re in Boston this weekend it’ll be worth stopping by. I’ll be giving out my new postcards so come by and grab one..

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