New York Stories

There is a story on every street, block and borough in New York City.
It sounds like a cliché, I know, but it’s true.
When I was little my family traveled to New York. I searched for King Kong atop the Empire State Building and my grandmother yelled at a pretzel vendor for charging too much.
Sure, my New York stories aren’t that great, but there are good ones out there. Which is what the Travelogues are for.

I’ve worked with Gina from Vessel Collective before. A couple of years ago I did two pieces for her Say Anything Project…

So when she asked me to do a poster for the Travelogues: New York Stories I couldn’t resist..

The Travelogues are a lecture series with travel stories from all over the world. The New York Stories are all about New York.

Travelogues-New York Stories
Fri. July 12th(Schedule change from 7/5)
*New-York-themed Travelogue (bring your own brief story to share with our audience in between speakers)
Meredith Watt – Experiences living and working in New York while watching her neighborhood become gentrified
Gina Moccio – Stories of the successes and failures of an attempt to move to New York
Ellen Brown – Living in New York’s Upper East Side and working on Wall Street in 1956
at Cafe Hey, 7-9 PM

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Here is a Heart

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His Name is Jonah

I must warn you that this blog post might kick your ass.
So beware…

Jonah. Jonah. Jonah. Say it three times in front of a mirror and a fist might shoot out and knock your block off. Some friends of mine are making a documentary called My Name is Jonah and it profiles Jonah; a self proclaimed real life warrior and his bizarre life and shenanigans. Check out the trailer here..

This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and for the third year in a row there’s been a My Name is Jonah FCBD digital download comic book featuring a slew of talented artists doing their take on Jonah.
I’ve personally done eight Jonah strips and they’re always so much fun to do. I did the first one based around the model for Greg Fiering’s Migraine Boy. It just seemed like the perfect format to show Jonah kicking some butt, and a good way to insert some humor as well.
One of my first introductions to independent/alternative comics was through “Don’t Shoot it’s Only Comics” an anthology produced regularly, and given away free in Boston. It featured some early work by greats like James Kochalka, Ron Rege, and of course Greg Fiering’s Migraine Boy. The comics were hilarious, and still crack me up to this day. If you’ve never seen Migrain Boy I HIGHLY recommend it!!
So since then I’ve done eight Jonah comics, and have stuck with the Migraine Boy model…

So now that you’ve seen my Jonah strips go back and check out the past three years of Jonah FCBD madness HERE. All three issues are available as free downloads.

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Boston ComicCon

It’s that time of year again; the snow has melted, the trees are blossoming, and seemingly ordinary people are dressing up like superheroes and gathering.
This Saturday and Sunday (4/20,4/21) I’ll be back at Boston ComicCon tabling alongside the always amazing Logan Faerber.
I’ll have a bunch of new stuff for sale. Most importantly the long awaited print version of my graphic novel “What Am I Going to Do Without You?” (which is still available digitally through Top Shelf Productions HERE.) They came out awesome! I only have a limited quantity so they’re only available while supplies last. They’ll be made available for online purchases in the not too distant future.

In addition to that I’ll have all of my other books as well as a bunch of prints including my new Hellboy piece. I just finished it up for Rejected by Covered blog which since the Covered blog shut down makes it the big show now. You can check out my Hellboy as well as a bunch of other awesome covered comic covers HERE.

The TV ads starting airing a few weeks back and three of my pieces are in it. The commercial was made by Phil, JB, and Adam ( but not Jon, he had nothing to do with it)

So if you’re in Boston this weekend it’ll be worth stopping by. I’ll be giving out my new postcards so come by and grab one..

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Comics Comics Comics

I’ve recently had the pleasure of doing a bunch of new comic work. My new mini-book “Five Incredibly Short Stories” is now available through Emanata app for iPads,iPhones, and Android devices.
It’s five single story pages about aliens, the future, and jaundice. How can you go wrong?

Along with old favorites is “The Calm Before the Storm” which was made into a short film by Etienne Rallion a few months back…

To check out the comic just download Emanata from the App Store. Find out more at

And in other comic news I recently finished up a three page story for The Hic & Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humor. It was edited by Lauren Barnett and Nathan Bulmer and features an amazing cover by Joseph Lambert.

I’m beyond excited to have taken part in this anthology it features some really amazing talent (Ian Andersen, Lauren Barnett, Bort, Box Brown, Nathan Bulmer, Nikki Burch, Anne Emond, Madéleine Flores, Zac Gorman, KC Green, Dustin Harbin, Sam Henderson, Martha Keavney, Patt Kelley, Jeff Lok, Jane Mai, Phil McAndrew, Dakota McFadzean, Maré Odomo, Liz and Jimmy Reed, Noah Van Sciver, Alex Schubert, Sam Sharpe, Grant Snider, Sam Spina, Nathan Stapley, Julia Wertz, and Matt Weigle.)
It’ll debut at this year’s TCAF which I unfortunately won’t be able to get to. But I am scheduled at..

  • Boston ComicCon – April 20-21 at Boston’s Hyne’s Convention Center
  • MECAF – May 19 at Ocean Gateway, Portland ME
  • BrokeArt – June 8 at The Peterborough Town House, Peterborough NH

    Stop by and say hello.

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    I was recently approached by The WorkStyle Magazine to do a four page comic for issue 11 to accompany an article on the state of jobs in different sectors around the world. The article pointed to burgeoning growth in positions for people with specialized skills. Tech jobs such as engineering and IT work were the most highly sought after. It also pointed to a trend in perpetual education, where people continually strive to keep learning skills to stay ahead of the curve and keep from becoming outdated.
    The idea I came up with was evolution. A worker must evolve and stay up to date on the latest methods and trends in order to avoid becoming antiquated.

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    What’s for Breakfast? Top Ten

    So, it’s Sunday and the Dig’s on vacation next week, which means no breakfast this morning. It’ll return the first week in January which will also mark two years of the strip.
    We’ve had some good times, haven’t we?
    One of the major milestones of this year was the 100th WFB!! I honestly can’t believe I’ve done over 100 of them. Some weeks they’re good, some weeks not so much.
    Win some, lose some.
    So in lieu of breakfast this week I’ve gone through the 100 and compiled a top ten list….

    Coming in at Number 10 is WFB #35 – Wood

    Number 9- WFB #32 – How Cold is It?

    Number 8- WFB#61 – Lassie

    Number 7- WFB#31 Starship

    Number 6- WFB#8 Titicaca

    Number 5- WFB#67 Catsup

    Number 4- WFB#21 Heal

    Number 3- WFB#73 Doughboy

    Number 2- WFB#56 Meep

    aaaaand finally…
    Number 1- WFB#4 Clamato

    I’ll see you in 2013 with plenty more breakfast. Until then in order to satisfy your many breakfast needs and urges there are several ways to quell your hankering.
    “What’s for Breakfast?- The First Forty” as well as “What’s for Breakfast?- The Next forty are available as full color, 12 page books in my Etsy shop here…

    Or if you’re looking to get it quicker “What’s for Breakfast?- 100!!” Featuring the first 100 strips is available now through Emanata app for iPads and iPhones. Download the app and read WFB as well as comics from a ton of amazing comic artists (Jess Smart Smiley, Malachi Ward, Ansis Purins, Jerel Dye).
    To find out more about Emanata go here…

    and finally originals of all WFB strips are for sale (well, aside from the one’s that have already sold) for $25/ shipping included within US. You can check that out here…

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    Happy Halloween Idiots!!

    And just like that it’s Halloween again.
    As you probably know I have quite the history with Halloween..
    I’ve spent the past two months working on nothing but creeps and ghouls for a show at Lincoln Arts Project for this year’s Halloween insanity. I could ramble on and on about monsters and goons but instead here’s what I had in the show…
    Since I only had 2 months I put in a few pieces that I’d done previously..
    We all remember Rosemary..

    I had a couple of sketchbook pages that were Halloween appropriate..

    and I had a 3 page comic called “Monsters” that was perfect for the show..

    The story originally appeared in the Bobby Mono anthology “Too Many God Damned Draculas”. I only posted the first page here if you want to check out the rest you can buy the book it’s in HERE
    And as for the new pieces there’s The Addams family..


    Annie Wilkes..


    The Kiss….


    The Birds…

    and finally the sculpture. I originally did this piece as a painting a year or so ago and something about just really stuck with me, so I figured why not turn it into a sculpture. He’s not as big as The Shining Girls from last year but he’s about 3.5ft tall…

    Happy Halloween idiots!!

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    Bad Weather and Sharks

    Hurricane Sandy is currently pummeling the east coast. The wind and rain are thrashing outside my window. There are leaves and branches everywhere.
    I was looking out my window this afternoon and saw my neighbor carried away by the massive winds. As he passed by my window he told me it was okay.
    Told me not to worry.

    All of that got me thinking about a comic I did a few years ago called Tornado.
    So if you’ve still got power here it is.
    Sharks and all….

    So sharks and bad weather aside, I’ve spent the past 2 months working on Halloween pieces for a show at Lincoln Arts Project in Waltham featuring a ton of amazing artists. It goes until the 31st so if you have a chance go check it out. Here’s the flyer…

    I’ll do a big post with all of the pieces on or before Halloween. Until then here’s a picture of my wife and I at the show taken by the amazing Tofusquirrel

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    A Banner Day (Holy Shit!!)

    Life isn’t full of “Holy Shit!!” moments.
    At least mine isn’t.
    They’re actually pretty hard to come by, which is why it’s so strange that I get two of them on the same day.

    Today marks the digital release of my first graphic novel through Top Shelf. (Holy Shit!!!) I’m a huge fan of pretty much everything they do, and the roster of artists they’ve worked with is mind boggling, so it’s pretty cool to have them behind my book.
    It’s only been out a matter of hours but I’m hearing some amazing feedback already.

    In fact “Bear” and “Ubu Bubu” creator Jamie Smart had this to say..
    “Seriously, buy the SHIT out of this book! I’m not flipping joking. Patt Kelley is one of my mostest favourite artists, and if you don’t buy his book I’ll kick you in the bits.”
    You don’t want your bits kicked do you?

    You can buy the book from Top Shelf for a myriad of different platforms HERE

    So this afternoon amidst all the book hubbub (that’s right I said hubbub) I got a message from
    Etienne Rallion who’s a french film maker. He got in touch with me a while back about adapting my comic “The Calm Before the Storm” into a short film.

    He uploaded the finished product to Youtube this afternoon, and I’ve got to say it’s AMAZING!!! (Holy Shit!!! #2) I honestly am blown away by it. From the actors to the special effects and cinematography I honestly couldn’t be happier with it.

    Seriously thank you Top Shelf and Etienne. It was a good day.

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