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Experimenting with digital media and the moon

So I usually do the watercolor thing. I suppose you probably already knew that, but just in case you didn’t, that’s usually how I roll. Yet as of late it’s come to my intention that the future is upon us. … Continue reading

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Artsy Fartsy

It was a metaphysical kind of weekend….. People were leaving their bodies and going elsewhere. It all ended with fireworks.

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Margot Tenenbaum and other fictional girls

“stand up straight. let me get a look at you.” That scene blows me away every time I see it. Wes Anderson’s movies make me happy. A while back I did a series called Ladies of Film. Five pieces depicting … Continue reading

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My Dinosaur Story

So I mentioned in the last post that I’ve finished the book dummy for my new graphic novel project “What Am I Going to Do Without You?” I call it my dinosaur story, but in actuality the dinosaur isn’t one … Continue reading

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What am I Going to Do Without You?

For the past little while now I’ve been working on a new story. I finalized the script about a month ago and am currently in the process of putting together a book dummy to send around to publishers. I’ve been … Continue reading

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ALL OF THEM witches…..

I was up into the wee hours of this morning scanning and preparing files. I enjoy drawing, but computers can go to hell. The product of scanfest 2010 will be two new comics. The first, a collection of 6 short … Continue reading

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odds, ends, and cycloptometrists

I’ve been off vampires for a while now. Who could blame me? Tweens have a way of ruining everything. As far as I’m concerned when vampires go out in the sunlight they blow the fuck up, not turn mother of … Continue reading

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