I want to believe..

I like most of you who will probably read this post were more than likely partially raised by a television.
No offense Mom. This isn’t meant to in any way disparage your parenting, I turned out pretty good, huh?
What I’m basically saying is that we are a generation whose lives have been saturated with TV since day 1. Which isn’t entirely a bad thing, there’s been some quality television over the last thirty years. Granted the kids today have The Kardashians and that Honey BooBoo thing, so they’re totally screwed..
One of the shows that formed me into the odd galoot that I am now was The X-Files. I watched it every week with my mother who was partial to the show but still had no idea what in the hell was going on. I had to stand next to the TV like an interpreter for the deaf explaining who that guy was, or what that thing said, or why a worm just crawled out of that other guy’s mouth.
Some of my better memories are TV related.
So when I was asked to do a few pieces for “Hello 2014” (a sci-fi themed show at D-Structure in San Francisco) I knew I had to do something with the X-Files. I had a lot of fun setting the tone for each painting by accenting the creepy scenes with dramatic lighting.
Prints of each as well as all 4 pieces together are available in my Society 6 shop HERE

The Paint Pens Collective is welcoming in 2014, aka the new year, aka the future, with an out-of-this-world sci-fi showcase! One filled with all things fantastic, mind-blowing, kitsch, alien, and beyond. Paint Pens collective is national pop surrealist, low brow, and underground art collective based out of the Bay Area.

For D-Structure’s first art show of 2014, we have selected fourteen artists; spanning from Toronto, New York, Boston, Las Vegas, and of course, San Francisco and the Bay Area. The artist lineup will include; Sucklord, Ed Luce, Chelsea Brown, Amelia Dolezal, Tofusquirrel, Veronica Fish, Alexis Amann, Cristina Paolos, Stephen C. Wagner, Metaworks, Katie Longua, Wel Sed, Matthew Jaffe, Patt Kelley, and Shayna Yasuhara (Curator).

The official opening is Friday, January 3rd, 7pm, at D-Structure, 520 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA. Drinks will be provided.

Website: http://www.paintpenscollective.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/paintpenscollective
Twitter: @PaintPensSF
Instagram: #paintpenscollective

Sucklord http://suckadelic.com/
Ed Luce http://wuvableoaf.com/
Chelsea Brown http://www.chelseadraws.com/
Amelia Dolezal http://littledeerling.tumblr.com/
Tofusquirrel http://www.tofusquirrel.com/
Patt Kelley http://pattkelley.com/
Veronica Fish http://veronicahebs.blogspot.com/
Alexis Amann http://www.alexisamann.com/
Cristina Paolos http://www.cristinapaulos.com/
Stephen C. Wagner http://www.stephencwagner.com/
Metaworks http://metaworks.bigcartel.com/
Katie Longua http://klongua.com/
Wel Sed Instagram: @welsed
Matthew Jaffe
Shayna Yasuhara (Curator) http://shaynayasuhara.com/

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