What’s for Breakfast? Year in review (Top 11 List)

Another year down.
The next What’s for Breakfast? will begin year 4 for the strip. (Holy crap!!) I’m so thankful to The Dig for printing my weird little comic every week, and to you idiots for reading it.
Due to the festive times we live in The Dig is on hiatus this week so that it’s employees may feast upon yule logs. Therefore there will be no breakfast.
So in lieu of something new here’s a look back at my 2013 Top 11 List…..
(Why 11? Because I couldn’t decide on merely 10)

#11 – WFB #142 The Really Big Lebowski

#10 – WFB #147 Don Draper

#9 – WFB #107 Honey Bear

#8 – WFB #120 Toe Ring

#7 – WFB #125 When Nature Calls

#6 – WFB #112 The Raven

#5 – WFB #116 Duped

#4 – WFB #106 A Guy Walks Into A Bar

#3 – WFB # 105 Thesaurus

#2 – WFB #138 Dead Meat

#1 – WFB #122 Gargyle

If you’re looking for any of the WFB book collections you can get them in my etsy shop here….
Or if you’re looking to just read them all for free or want to buy a cheap original then check out….

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