Experimenting with digital media and the moon

So I usually do the watercolor thing.
I suppose you probably already knew that, but just in case you didn’t, that’s usually how I roll.
Yet as of late it’s come to my intention that the future is upon us. Despite the lack of flying cars and Marty McFlys I figured it’s about time to become more familiar with that which bleeps and bloops.
For years I shied away from the computer. I don’t know why. Fear of technology maybe? Fear of change perhaps?
Did you ever see that movie with Sandra Bullock, “The Net”? What if that happened?
I don’t actually know what happened, but one can only imagine. So I put my fears aside and started experimenting. It was fun!
I had just recently found out about the ComicsWorkbook Composition Competition. It’s a contest for comic creators to make a 16 page signature story (14 pages plus 2 covers) and I figured why not experiment and do the whole thing digitally…

I really liked being able to go straight from a scanned pencil sketch right into the final. I found working this way to be way less time consuming than traditional media. I enjoyed playing around with layers to create shadow as well as lighting.

The story is about the ocean, and dogs, and the end of the world. It’s about love and secret crushes and last chances.

I’ve posted the comic in it’s entirety over in my Tumblr here….

I should have physical copies in time For MICE September 28 and 29th in Boston.
All in all good experiment. I will always use watercolor. The feel of brush on paper is just too soothing to give up. Watercolor just makes a lot of sense to me. It’s a tool I’m extremely comfortable with and love so much. That being said Photoshop is another interesting tool. I see a lot of possibilities with it. There will definitely be more experimenting with it in the future.

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2 Responses to Experimenting with digital media and the moon

  1. This is an exciting project and another way amazing way to create your signature pieces! Will I be able to order one from you via the post?

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