New York Stories

There is a story on every street, block and borough in New York City.
It sounds like a cliché, I know, but it’s true.
When I was little my family traveled to New York. I searched for King Kong atop the Empire State Building and my grandmother yelled at a pretzel vendor for charging too much.
Sure, my New York stories aren’t that great, but there are good ones out there. Which is what the Travelogues are for.

I’ve worked with Gina from Vessel Collective before. A couple of years ago I did two pieces for her Say Anything Project…

So when she asked me to do a poster for the Travelogues: New York Stories I couldn’t resist..

The Travelogues are a lecture series with travel stories from all over the world. The New York Stories are all about New York.

Travelogues-New York Stories
Fri. July 12th(Schedule change from 7/5)
*New-York-themed Travelogue (bring your own brief story to share with our audience in between speakers)
Meredith Watt – Experiences living and working in New York while watching her neighborhood become gentrified
Gina Moccio – Stories of the successes and failures of an attempt to move to New York
Ellen Brown – Living in New York’s Upper East Side and working on Wall Street in 1956
at Cafe Hey, 7-9 PM

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