His Name is Jonah

I must warn you that this blog post might kick your ass.
So beware…

Jonah. Jonah. Jonah. Say it three times in front of a mirror and a fist might shoot out and knock your block off. Some friends of mine are making a documentary called My Name is Jonah and it profiles Jonah; a self proclaimed real life warrior and his bizarre life and shenanigans. Check out the trailer here..

This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and for the third year in a row there’s been a My Name is Jonah FCBD digital download comic book featuring a slew of talented artists doing their take on Jonah.
I’ve personally done eight Jonah strips and they’re always so much fun to do. I did the first one based around the model for Greg Fiering’s Migraine Boy. It just seemed like the perfect format to show Jonah kicking some butt, and a good way to insert some humor as well.
One of my first introductions to independent/alternative comics was through “Don’t Shoot it’s Only Comics” an anthology produced regularly, and given away free in Boston. It featured some early work by greats like James Kochalka, Ron Rege, and of course Greg Fiering’s Migraine Boy. The comics were hilarious, and still crack me up to this day. If you’ve never seen Migrain Boy I HIGHLY recommend it!!
So since then I’ve done eight Jonah comics, and have stuck with the Migraine Boy model…

So now that you’ve seen my Jonah strips go back and check out the past three years of Jonah FCBD madness HERE. All three issues are available as free downloads.

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