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I’ve recently had the pleasure of doing a bunch of new comic work. My new mini-book “Five Incredibly Short Stories” is now available through Emanata app for iPads,iPhones, and Android devices.
It’s five single story pages about aliens, the future, and jaundice. How can you go wrong?

Along with old favorites is “The Calm Before the Storm” which was made into a short film by Etienne Rallion a few months back…

To check out the comic just download Emanata from the App Store. Find out more at

And in other comic news I recently finished up a three page story for The Hic & Hoc Illustrated Journal of Humor. It was edited by Lauren Barnett and Nathan Bulmer and features an amazing cover by Joseph Lambert.

I’m beyond excited to have taken part in this anthology it features some really amazing talent (Ian Andersen, Lauren Barnett, Bort, Box Brown, Nathan Bulmer, Nikki Burch, Anne Emond, Madéleine Flores, Zac Gorman, KC Green, Dustin Harbin, Sam Henderson, Martha Keavney, Patt Kelley, Jeff Lok, Jane Mai, Phil McAndrew, Dakota McFadzean, Maré Odomo, Liz and Jimmy Reed, Noah Van Sciver, Alex Schubert, Sam Sharpe, Grant Snider, Sam Spina, Nathan Stapley, Julia Wertz, and Matt Weigle.)
It’ll debut at this year’s TCAF which I unfortunately won’t be able to get to. But I am scheduled at..

  • Boston ComicCon – April 20-21 at Boston’s Hyne’s Convention Center
  • MECAF – May 19 at Ocean Gateway, Portland ME
  • BrokeArt – June 8 at The Peterborough Town House, Peterborough NH

    Stop by and say hello.

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