What’s for Breakfast? Top Ten

So, it’s Sunday and the Dig’s on vacation next week, which means no breakfast this morning. It’ll return the first week in January which will also mark two years of the strip.
We’ve had some good times, haven’t we?
One of the major milestones of this year was the 100th WFB!! I honestly can’t believe I’ve done over 100 of them. Some weeks they’re good, some weeks not so much.
Win some, lose some.
So in lieu of breakfast this week I’ve gone through the 100 and compiled a top ten list….

Coming in at Number 10 is WFB #35 – Wood

Number 9- WFB #32 – How Cold is It?

Number 8- WFB#61 – Lassie

Number 7- WFB#31 Starship

Number 6- WFB#8 Titicaca

Number 5- WFB#67 Catsup

Number 4- WFB#21 Heal

Number 3- WFB#73 Doughboy

Number 2- WFB#56 Meep

aaaaand finally…
Number 1- WFB#4 Clamato

I’ll see you in 2013 with plenty more breakfast. Until then in order to satisfy your many breakfast needs and urges there are several ways to quell your hankering.
“What’s for Breakfast?- The First Forty” as well as “What’s for Breakfast?- The Next forty are available as full color, 12 page books in my Etsy shop here…

Or if you’re looking to get it quicker “What’s for Breakfast?- 100!!” Featuring the first 100 strips is available now through Emanata app for iPads and iPhones. Download the app and read WFB as well as comics from a ton of amazing comic artists (Jess Smart Smiley, Malachi Ward, Ansis Purins, Jerel Dye).
To find out more about Emanata go here…

and finally originals of all WFB strips are for sale (well, aside from the one’s that have already sold) for $25/ shipping included within US. You can check that out here…

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