Happy Halloween Idiots!!

And just like that it’s Halloween again.
As you probably know I have quite the history with Halloween..
I’ve spent the past two months working on nothing but creeps and ghouls for a show at Lincoln Arts Project for this year’s Halloween insanity. I could ramble on and on about monsters and goons but instead here’s what I had in the show…
Since I only had 2 months I put in a few pieces that I’d done previously..
We all remember Rosemary..

I had a couple of sketchbook pages that were Halloween appropriate..

and I had a 3 page comic called “Monsters” that was perfect for the show..

The story originally appeared in the Bobby Mono anthology “Too Many God Damned Draculas”. I only posted the first page here if you want to check out the rest you can buy the book it’s in HERE
And as for the new pieces there’s The Addams family..


Annie Wilkes..


The Kiss….


The Birds…

and finally the sculpture. I originally did this piece as a painting a year or so ago and something about just really stuck with me, so I figured why not turn it into a sculpture. He’s not as big as The Shining Girls from last year but he’s about 3.5ft tall…

Happy Halloween idiots!!

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