A Banner Day (Holy Shit!!)

Life isn’t full of “Holy Shit!!” moments.
At least mine isn’t.
They’re actually pretty hard to come by, which is why it’s so strange that I get two of them on the same day.

Today marks the digital release of my first graphic novel through Top Shelf. (Holy Shit!!!) I’m a huge fan of pretty much everything they do, and the roster of artists they’ve worked with is mind boggling, so it’s pretty cool to have them behind my book.
It’s only been out a matter of hours but I’m hearing some amazing feedback already.

In fact “Bear” and “Ubu Bubu” creator Jamie Smart had this to say..
“Seriously, buy the SHIT out of this book! I’m not flipping joking. Patt Kelley is one of my mostest favourite artists, and if you don’t buy his book I’ll kick you in the bits.”
You don’t want your bits kicked do you?

You can buy the book from Top Shelf for a myriad of different platforms HERE

So this afternoon amidst all the book hubbub (that’s right I said hubbub) I got a message from
Etienne Rallion who’s a french film maker. He got in touch with me a while back about adapting my comic “The Calm Before the Storm” into a short film.

He uploaded the finished product to Youtube this afternoon, and I’ve got to say it’s AMAZING!!! (Holy Shit!!! #2) I honestly am blown away by it. From the actors to the special effects and cinematography I honestly couldn’t be happier with it.

Seriously thank you Top Shelf and Etienne. It was a good day.

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2 Responses to A Banner Day (Holy Shit!!)

  1. JC Vaughn says:

    Beautiful in both mediums. Beautiful in quite different ways.

    • pattkelley says:

      Hey, thanks so much!! It was really cool to see the film. First time I’ve had my work transferred into a different medium and I was very pleasantly surprised.

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