John Locke, a Dinosaur, and Too Many God Damn Draculas

4 8 15 16 23 42

Those are numbers to live by.
I’ve been re-watching Lost as of late. I really should be doing more productive things with my time, but you know how the island is. I really had no other choice.
I think I identify most with John Locke. We’re both bald, had shitty fathers, and when we die a smoke monster will use our likeness without written permission.
So in ode to my favorite passenger from Oceanic flight 815 I created this….

I was also pretty psyched that Hire an Illustrator used it in a recent blog post here

A month or two back I did a three page story called “Monsters” for a comic anthology with the greatest title ever created; “Too Many God Damn Draculas”. It’s 36 pages and features a ton of amazing artists. (Bobby Mono, Jack Teagle, Papposilenos to name a few). It’s available as a $5 hard copy book or a $1 pdf file. No matter which you choose you’ll get your money’s worth. You can pick it up from Bobby Mono’s Crappy Comics store. Here’s a sneak peak at my story..

Also I’m pretty sure you’ve probably heard by now. I’ve been yammering on about it for the past few months, but my graphic novel will be digitally available through Top Shelf on July 18th!!!
I’ve been pimping it any way I possibly can…

If you know some place that could use a poster or a handful of flyers drop me a line. Alternatively if you have a website, blog, facebook page, twitter account tell everybody you know about it. I would sincerely appreciate any kind of publicity. (that includes screaming at people from your window)
You can currently pre-order it from itunes, and should be available elsewhere on the 18th. That’s next week!!
You can also read a ten page preview and pre-order on the Top Shelf website here

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