cats, dogs and dinosaurs…

What is it about pets?
Cats and dogs?
People who have never had a pet don’t particularly understand, but there’s a bond. Something intangible that links us to them. Makes us love them.
I myself have a dog and a cat. Kia and Spencer. Hey look there they are…

They’re a huge part of my life, and who I am. So it comes as no surprise that they turn up in what I do. For years I’ve been putting them into my comics and illustrations. Sometimes right up front and center. Sometimes just a small detail in the background, but if you look closely enough they’re there.
I’ve talked about my book here in the past. I finished it several months back and am finally able to announce that it will be digitally released by Top Shelf Productions on July 18th.
It’s an amazing honor for me, I’ve been a HUGE Top Shelf fan for ages. Jeff Lemire, Craig Thompson, James Kochalka, Renee French, Jeffrey Brown are you kidding me? As someone who loves comics I can’t believe my book is going to be put out by the same company that publishes these (and soooo many more) amazing artists.
The book is 124 pages, and it’s no surprise that Kia and Spencer take up quite a few of them. I don’t think I could’ve had it any other way.

When I finished drawing the book, I set upon the task of a cover. I wanted something that would really jump out. I’ve dabbled in sculpture a little bit over the past few years…

So I figured what better way to make a cover really stand out than by doing it in 3D. The dinosaur is definitely one of the major components of the story. It’s found dead, lying in the woods, at the beginning of the book

So I decided to reproduce that scene with sculpture.
It started off as a brick of styrofoam covered in a craft moss.

Add sticks…

some foliage…

Spencer helped me make the dinosaur…

Toss it all together, and it needed to be photographed. I took the pictures at Carson Beach in Southie early in the morning. Kia came with me…

and the cover was born…

I got the solicit for the book the other day, and was extremely excited about it…

“A dinosaur carcass, freshly deceased, is found in the local woods. Meteors fall from the sky. These are strange times… but most people have enough to worry about just getting through the day. Aging couple Flo and Murray face tough news from their doctor, while teen goth Jeanie endures clueless parents and heartless classmates. Their stories — and more — twine together into a moving examination of grief, mystery, and human connection. Don’t miss Patt Kelley’s powerful debut at Top Shelf!”

How cool is that? So, like I said it’ll be out July 18th. It’ll only be $3.99 so you have no excuse not to buy it. The book itself took about a year to complete.
A lot of you know my silly/goofy work. (especially the What’s for Breakfast? fans.) This story is definitely a bit different. I really poured my heart into it, and it’s honestly one of the most meaningful and sincere things I’ve ever done.

If you want to check out previous blog entries about the book just follow the links below.
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7 Responses to cats, dogs and dinosaurs…

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  2. Dana says:

    The part where Spencer helps is my favorite.

  3. Tara says:

    that is so awesome!!the picture came out perfectly. and i think you should do more sculptures;i really love the smoking lady 🙂

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