a tree grows in south boston

During the day I’m a dog walker.
Did you know that?
It’s really an ideal job for someone like myself. It only takes up a few hours of the day, which leaves me plenty of time to draw the nonsense that I do. It also gives me a lot of time to think.
Some of my best ideas have occured while picking up dog poo.
I walk past this tree every day. It’s got this messed up root structure, and one day I noticed something….

Do you see it?

When I first started this blog I talked about a story called “Circus in the Woods”. It’s about a traveling circus that finds a boy in the forest who grows from the ground like a tree. I originally based the story off of a sketchbook page.

But I think somehow it all comes back to the tree.

Do you see it now??

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2 Responses to a tree grows in south boston

  1. Tara says:

    ahhh ❤ beautiful

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