Come Play With Us….

In 2007 I did my first Halloween painting. Well, probably not my first. I’d drawn plenty of monsters and bloody creeps in my days, but that was the year that I consciously sat down with the intent to make a Halloween painting, and then did so.
Maybe you’ve seen it?
I recall spamming several hundred different people’s myspace pages with it. Do you remember myspace?
Maybe I’m dating myself.
Get off my lawn….

I continued the Halloween pieces for the next three years. Cramming as many creeps and goons as possible into each one. If you want to check out the first four years go HERE
This year I was asked to do somethin BIG for the Halloween show for Space 242 at Fourth Wall Project. Originally the idea was to do a gigantic halloween collage. Much like I’d done in the past but on a much larger scale.
So, I thought about it and my heart wasn’t in it. I’d done the big monster collages for the past four years. I worried it would just be more of the same.

But, I still wanted to do a Halloween piece. So I thought, and there they were…

The first sculpture I ever made was for the exhibit I worked on at The Shelburne Museum. I did two of them and they came out great. I’d made a couple more since, but never anything on such a large scale.
Instead of going with the familiar, doing what I’d already done before, I decided to go for broke…

I remember when you were just a block of styrofoam and pipes.

wire and tinfoil.

Spencer couldn’t take his eyes off of it. Throughout the whole time I worked on the girls he kept me good company. My dog was afraid of them and never visited me.

Lasagna pan pelvis’

The finished armature

For the clay I used Magic Sculpt. I really recommend it. It’s a two part epoxy resin. It’s just like clay, but you don’t need a kiln. It just hardens on it’s own.

I was originally going to do the base in solid black

Glad I went with the planks

I brought them to the gallery this morning, which wasn’t an easy task. They probably weigh about 70lbs. I used 60lbs of clay alone. They measure 3 feet wide by 4.5 feet tall.
On the way down the stairs I missed a step and one of the ladies lost her fingers.
It could have been worse. I glued them back on as soon as we got to the gallery.
It could have been SOOOOO much worse.

They’ll be on display for FOUR DAYS ONLY! October 28-31

Opening Reception Friday, October 28 7-9pm
Costume Ball/Contest Saturday, October 29, 7-9pm
Gallery Hours: 1-7 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

SPACE 242 at Fourth Wall Project
132 Brookline Avenue, Fenway, Boston
[] []

I also have two pieces in an AMAZING show: A Collection of Bostonia Collectives. It’s at the Lincoln Arts Project (289 Moody st. Waltham MA)

So many artists that I love are involved with this one. The closing reception is Friday, October 28 (7-11)
Stop by and check them both out.

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4 Responses to Come Play With Us….

  1. Dan says:

    Man, they look amazing. They turned out so well. Congratulations.

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