Say Anything

I was recently asked to do a piece accompanying an article/interview with Max Bemis of the band Say Anything for Vessel Collective. The project will collect thirteen different illustrators’ takes on the thirteen songs off of the band’s 2009 self titled record.
I’ve always thought that music and art mix well together. For my “Mixtape” show at Space 242 a while back I did interpretations, abstractions, of various song lyrics…

“I’m Miss World, somebody kill me.”
Hole- Miss World

“Our house was filled with many birds, she said to me I can understand their words”
Frank Black – I Burn Today

So, while still dealing with music, this time around I had to do an interpretation of a song.
The song I got was “Less Cute”, which is about a love triangle where a girl is infatuated with some guy who could care less, so she gets another guy to make the first jealous.
Complicated I know, but it was a fun project.
Here it is….

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  1. Dan says:

    Man, that rules.

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