Fictional Girls and Shrunken Heads

This weekend I’ll have a table at Broke Art in Peterborough NH. (May 14, 2011 -33 Concord st). It’s an affordable arts fair where everything is under $50. I’ll have some cool stuff for sale…..

$20 shrunken heads. (pictured above is Evelyn) I plan on hopefully having 6 for sale.

I’ll also (finger crossed) have a set of Fictional Girls postcards. I’ve been working so much on my graphic novel that I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my Fictional Girls series, but figured it’s a good time to get some of the work out there. They’re set to arrive on Friday so I should have them just in time. It’ll be a 5 postcard set ($6) and will feature the following cards….

It’ll be a good time. I’ll also be selling my books, cheapo prints, and some low priced original art. The stuff that doesn’t sell will end up in my etsy shop, but if you want first dibs on anything then head on down to Broke Art.
For more info check out the website… BROKE

I always try to bring a table mascot, and for Broke I’ll have the lovely Margot Tenenbaum with me….

Come on by and say hello.

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5 Responses to Fictional Girls and Shrunken Heads

  1. Jenyffer says:

    If you have any post card sets available after the event I would most definitely be interested in one. You’re my absolute favorite and I still have yet to own any of your stuff — that’s ridiculous!

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