from white to grey

I was bitching a few posts back about the lack of color in my life, yet I can’t seem to find a minute to do anything but push the grey around.
Too much sepia and cerulean blue. I wonder if it’s in direct correlation with the shitty weather of the past few months. Maybe as spring approaches the color will come.
Until then there’s my graphic novel. I’m having fun with it at the moment which is good. It’s all in cerulean and sepia, but that’s okay. It’s looking good and I’m excited about it.

I just finished up 2 pages for the My Name is Jonah Free Comic Book Day issue. Here’s a panel from it….

It’ll be a downloadable comic, and don’t you want to know what happens with the dog turd?
I certainly do.
I also just finished a five page story for Volume 14 of Candy or Medicine, available in July. The story is called Kitchen Counter Evolution. It’s about a failing marriage, a piece of beef, and a sink full of dirty dishes. Here’s the first page….

and while we’re on the subject of more grey art here’s something from a few months back (the aztec children)…

Finally, what are you doing on May 14th?? I just ordered some new business cards, and reordered a slew of books for……

For more info check outThe Thing in Spring

I’ll also have some new prints and maybe some shrunken heads? hmmm…..
Spring will have sprung and hopefully I’ll have used some goddamn color.

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