I’ve seen snow.
I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it too. How could you not.
Cabin fever sets in. It’s everywhere in this city. There’s no place to walk, there’s no place to park. The photo below was taken of me as I came home after a long day of dogwalking just last week.

No walk and no park make Patt a dull boy.

After a while you forget what green looks like. I miss the grass and the dirt.

i miss dirt.

Everything is buried in white. It’s like the aftermath of the StayPuft Marshmallow Man only less delicious. All of the white got me thinking….

The family were discovered by PT Barnum in 1857 and were brought to America. After Barnum they toured for over forty years with various circuses and sideshows. Below is a cdv of the family as well as a currier and ives lithograph. (both of which I desperately desperately want!!!)

Speaking of which I’ve recently picked up some really cool old freak photographs to add to my collection. I’ll be posting them hopefully next week. Until then check out the collection thus far….

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2 Responses to white

  1. Captain Annie says:

    Oh my gooooodness I love it. They’re some of my favorites. PATT APPLY FOR BROKE did you apply for broke 2011? I’m going to drive up for it. http://www.thethinginthespring.com/the-thing-in-the-spring/broke/
    I blogged about your freaks for school!

    • pattkelley says:

      Yes!!!! I got the Broke email the other day and was psyched. I haven’t applied yet, but will do so this afternoon. Can’t wait.
      Where?? Must go find blog post!!!

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