have you seen my neckbeard?

Wow, it’s been almost a month since my last post.
I’ve been working on my graphic novel project, celebrating various December holidays (I won’t mention which in fear of horribly offending anybody.), as well as starting a new weekly strip.
The first comic book I ever made was a Psycho Boy adventure. I think it was called “Psycho World”? I could get up and find it, but honestly I think I’d rather die than put in the effort. I think I printed like fifty of them and just gave them away. I wonder how many of the original fifty are currently decomposing in a landfill as I type.

niño psico adiós

Then I put out 2 books, both called “What’s for Breakfast?”. I think I just gave those away too. I never was one for the whole business aspect of this art thing. (puke)
So I figured I’d call my weekly strip “What’s for Breakfast?” I don’t know where the hell the name came from in the first place, but it’s appropriate for a Sunday morning comic strip. right? You can check it out every Sunday over at http://digboston.com/ There’ll be a bunch of other comics by some awesome comic artists as well, so keep checking back.

It’s been many moons since I last posted any sketchbook stuff, so here…..

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