Last week I watched Children of Men. I’ve seen it several times before, but this time something stuck with me.
The story takes place in a future where human beings, for some reason or another, have become unable to reproduce. The death rattle for our species. Day to day life is wrought with suicide bombings, anarchy, and I’m sure a good deal of clinical depression. Enter Guernica.
The rich here can own pretty much anything they could possibly imagine. Hell, the world’s ending, might as well have a sale.

I’ve never seen Guernica personally, only reproduced in art history texts. When I had seen it in the past, I had never really looked at it. So, I did. I started thinking that it would be really fun to try to reproduce in my own style. I did some sketches, but nothing was really floating my boat. How could I reproduce something so amazing??

After some thought, I figured there’s no way I could ever do it any justice without spending more time with it. Something to think about.
It did however inspire me. I was asked to do another poster for Angioplasty Media, and took a somewhat cubist approach with the background.

It was a lot of fun trying to figure out where the the faces would begin and end. The monkey was the product of Yann Martel’s “Beatrice and Virgil” I finished reading it the day I started the poster.
Monkeys on the brain.

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2 Responses to Guernica

  1. Maralea says:

    hey that’s such an awesome poster!!! great work!! – and i also like yann martel, have read his “life of pi” which amazed me totally!!
    i check your blog regularly and i so much like your artwork – so keep on posting, posting, posting!! 🙂
    cheers from your swiss-fan

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