There’s Something About Marie

What is it about Marie Antoinette?? Is it the cake? Or is it the whole decapitation thing? I got to thinking about her this week, and narrowed it down to one thing…
So beautiful, so tragic.
In the many portraits that exist of our headless beauty the one thing that stands out to me are her clothes. Intricate and ornate. Each and every outfit a work of art onto itself.
A while back for my Mixtape show I did a piece entitled “You look like the perfect fit for a girl in need of a tourniquet” (ABOVE)
What I wanted to capture was the stark beauty juxtaposed against the ugliness of death, and I kind of got it, but not enough to satisfy myself. I always knew I’d come back to our decapitated darling, and finally got my chance.
I was recently asked to do a poster for an upcoming show at The Monkey House in VT, and where as I could do pretty much whatever I wanted, decided to revisit Ms. Antoinette….

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3 Responses to There’s Something About Marie

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  2. Beth says:

    Oh Wow, sick pics šŸ˜€ love you **

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