ALL OF THEM witches…..

I was up into the wee hours of this morning scanning and preparing files. I enjoy drawing, but computers can go to hell.
The product of scanfest 2010 will be two new comics. The first, a collection of 6 short stories, called All of Them Witches. The second, Parasitic Twin #2.
All of Them Witches is sixteen pages of some of my favorite comics that I’ve done over the years. It features The Life of Stuart Grady, Tornado, Good Old Fashioned Bloody Murder, Eternal Nosebleed, The Calm Before the Storm, and Bad Prom Pictures 2006.

I’m really excited about Parasitic Twin 2. It’s been in the works for a while now, and features a new 7 page story called “Circus in the Woods”. It’s about a travelling sideshow that finds a boy growing from the earth in the middle of the forest. It’s another love and death story that’ll make you smile in the end. I did a blog post a month or so about it, check it out here.
PT2 also features a new 2 page story by none other than JB Sapienza. Or as I know him, “Lord of the Dance”. It’s a great story, glad to have him on board.
I’m planning on getting a table at MICE:Mass Independent Comics Expo It’ll be at the AIB September 25th so stop by and see me. I’ll have all three of my books as well as a few anthologies, t-shirts, original art, etc.

I’ll also be doing a t-shirt design for rock sensations Tonybear. The Queen of Sorrow design. Check out their music in this Truth promo video….. promo vid from Nick Girard on Vimeo.

I’m talking with the Tony of Tonybear to do some more work for the band in the immediate future. So keep them eyes and ears peeled.

While doing the Tonybear sketches I was reminded of a t-shirt design job I did a while back. It was for a band called Bad Rabbits. They asked for a design that somehow incorporated Michael Jackson. I came up with this sketch…

I never heard back from them.
That’s all I’ve got for now. I have some cool projects on the horizon so check back.

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