eternal nosebleed

So, I re-read Salem’s Lot last week, thus revitalizing my faith in vampires. Eternal Nosebleed is the product of that.
I saw a girl on the news a while back who had hiccupped for like a year or so. A ridiculous amount of time. I can’t imagine living with such a burden. Hiccups are annoying, but hiccupping for a full year would drive a person insane. I wonder what happened to her.
I imagine her sitting in a sanitarium. Glaring around nervously. Eating strands of her own hair. Creating a hairball big enough to silence her furious intestines.
For some reason I thought of that, and started wondering about a non-stop nosebleed.
Obviously somebody with a non-stop nosebleed would eventually die from blood loss. One can only hemmorrhage for so long. But what if he didn’t die? What would the ever-bleeding man’s life be like? Who would love him?
I did this real quick in my sketchbook.
watercolor and ink

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10 Responses to eternal nosebleed

  1. Dan Gaynor says:

    This is fucking brilliant, man!

  2. jb says:

    what Dan said. You brilliant jerk, you.

  3. Derek says:

    This is excellent.

  4. Rwa323 says:

    I once read about a boy who had been to every doctor and specialist everywhere to get rid of hiccups he’d had for yearS. I think it was in People magazine. No one could fix it. I remember he said it was a problem regarding his date life….

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