odds, ends, and cycloptometrists

I’ve been off vampires for a while now. Who could blame me? Tweens have a way of ruining everything. As far as I’m concerned when vampires go out in the sunlight they blow the fuck up, not turn mother of pearl. What century old vampire do you know that still attends high school??
So last week I re-read Salem’s Lot. Such an amazing vampire book. It got me thinking, so last night I wrote a new story called “Eternal Nosebleed”. It’s a love and death vampire story about a man named Vincent and his never ending nosebleed.
This is a sketch of the title panel….

My mother’s birthday was on Tuesday, and it’s been said by many that the two of us share a similar sense of humor, and that it’s less of a sense and more of a disability.
I did a single panel comic, pretty cheesy, that I’ll be throwing into a frame and giving to her. (She hasn’t seen it yet so mum’s the word) If anyone can appreciate it, it’s her. She’s also the one who turned me on to Gary Larson and The Far Side. Oh, how I love the Far Side.

For the past little while from time to time I’ve been working on a collaborative comic with fellow comic artist/video and movie maker JB Sapienza….

It’ll be out sometime in the near and foreseeable future.
JB is also part of some folk making a documentary called “My Name is Jonah”. It looks seriously amazing, check out the trailer here…
Also, if you’re an artist and want to contribute to the fanart section for the website and dvd get in touch with JB. Great chance to get your art seen.

and I’d like to finish off this post with a couple random pages from my sketchbook. Until next time…

Do you want to own this original sketchbook page for the pithy price of $20. Snap it up in my etsy shop…

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7 Responses to odds, ends, and cycloptometrists

  1. JB says:

    It’s all a pack of lies.

  2. Dan Gaynor says:

    You’ll need glass! – Genius! I love it!

    Yes, I’m working on more comics, Patt. Working on a submission package at the moment but if all else fails i’ll go with comixpress.

    I’m digging your new blog. WordPress rules. Is ‘Eternal Nosebleed’ part of Parasitic Twin 2 or is it for something else entirely?

    Also, are you on twitter?

  3. pattkelley says:

    No EN is just something I’m going to do real quick in my sketchbook. Just for the hell of it I guess. No rulers, quick type and paint. I’m hoping it’ll be done by next week.
    I’m going to put out submission packets once I get pt2 printed. I’m also working on a story about a dinosaur thats written and being sketched currently. I’ll have to post about it soon.
    Yeah, liking the blog, seems like it’s keeping me busy.
    Not on twitter. I fought facebook for years, I’m sure twitter will be the same. I’ve got at least another year before I think about it again.

  4. Dan Gaynor says:

    Yeah, i’m the same with the social stuff. I setup and deleted accounts a few times. But this time I’m trying to keep drawing so if that means sending links out over twitter & facebook then so be it. I really dislike facebook though. For something so popular, it seems like it should be a lot better.
    Anyway good luck with Eternal Nosebleed and the submissions.

  5. Dan says:

    That sounds like a weird band name, Eternal Nosebleed and the Submissions.

  6. Samantha says:

    Twilight annoys me, although I admit I much prefer True Blood as it’s slightly more adult!

    Great cartoons. You always make me laugh. Keep up the good work.

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