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eternal nosebleed

So, I re-read Salem’s Lot last week, thus revitalizing my faith in vampires. Eternal Nosebleed is the product of that. I saw a girl on the news a while back who had hiccupped for like a year or so. A … Continue reading

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odds, ends, and cycloptometrists

I’ve been off vampires for a while now. Who could blame me? Tweens have a way of ruining everything. As far as I’m concerned when vampires go out in the sunlight they blow the fuck up, not turn mother of … Continue reading

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once, twice, three times a lady….

About a week ago a friend told me about a circus/freak themed art show happening in Pasadena. Artist pals feel free to check out the details HERE. So I decided to come up with some new pieces, and for the … Continue reading

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I don’t like the sun. I don’t like the heat. People that go to the beach confuse me. It’s sadistic. Glaring sun, abrasive sand, and those people that sit right next to you when there’s miles of open beach. (what’s … Continue reading

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